Tank panel for  Junak M16
  • Tank panel for  Junak M16
  • Tank panel for  Junak M16

Tank panel for Junak M16

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Products available in 2 versions:  

  • - smooth - without rivets

  • - with rivets

In addition to the version, you have the option of buying a tankpanel without a pocket or with a different pocket model.

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Model: B
Pouch: Tank strap with a pocket Ki4 B


Tank panel for

Junak M16

The tank panel and the pocket are made of cowhide leather with a thickness of 2.0 - 2.2 mm. The bottom of the tank panel has been additionally protected with material to prevent scratching the surface of the tank.  Decorative rivets are made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, they are cast with a nickel coating, they do not rust, but they may become dull under the influence of weather conditions.
Assembly rivets are made of steel and may rust under the influence of atmospheric conditions.

Products - TANK PANEL and POCKET avaliable in 2 version:
  • A - smooth - without rivets
  • - with rivets

The set includes two straps for assembly.

The formation of so-called "bubbles" filled with air, which form under the influence of atmospheric factors is not a basis for complaint of leather articles! Leather is a tough, flexible material that adapts to conditions (shrinks and stretches), which affects the risk of "bubbles".

As a manufacturer, we take into account all our disadvantages