1) Please check the delivered goods upon receipt. In case you notice that the received goods are defective or mechanically damaged, please request the courier to draw up a damage protocol and leave a copy of it for you (it is important that it is done on the day of delivery), and immediately inform SAKO in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. In case of difficulties with checking the goods or refusal to draw up a damage protocol by a courier, please write down personal details of an employee of a transport company - name, surname and telephone number - and immediately pass this information on to SAKO
2) The basis for considering the quality complaint is the confirmation of purchase of the goods in SAKO company. We identify the Buyer on the basis of a VAT invoice or receipt.
3) The formation of so-called "bubbles" filled with air, which are formed under the influence of atmospheric factors is not grounds for a complaint about articles made of  leather!
In the event of non-conformity of the purchased
In case of non-conformity of the purchased goods with the contract:
The customer has the option to claim the goods from the seller.
Such a complaint should be submitted in writing and sent by e-mail to the address biuro@sakwy. pl or by post to the address of the company SAKO Adam Dub,
Klonowa 33, 42-300 Myszków  REGON: 151487500    NIP: 5771165457. Our employees will immediately (within 2 working days) contact you and inform you about the complaint procedure. The decision as to whether or not to accept the complaint will be made within no more than 14 days of receipt of the complaint.
If a quality complaint is accepted or if the goods are found not to be in conformity with the contract, the replacement will be made according to the availability of the product. In case of non-availability of replacement goods SAKO undertakes to refund the money for the goods accepted in the complaint process.
Transport costs of goods to/from claim
The Customer is obliged to deliver the claimed product at his own expense to the address of SAKO registered office. In the case of a quality complaint, the online store will return the money for the transport service, after the customer presents appropriate documents confirming its price. In case the quality complaint is accepted, the Customer shall not bear any costs related to the transport service. Transport costs remain with the online store.
In case the quality complaint is rejected, the transport costs shall be covered by the Customer Returns of purchased goods
Return of goods may be made by the Consumer in accordance with the Act of May 30, 2014  consumer rights . If the Consumer decides to resign from the ordered goods, they have the right to return the consignment within 14 days of its receipt. For shipment must be accompanied by a statement of withdrawal from the Agreement and the original receipt or photocopies of the Vat invoice.
Returns are allowed only for unused goods (not bearing any signs of use) and originally packaged, if the goods were in the package. Reimbursement will be made within 14 days by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer or by postal order to the address indicated on the order.