Roll Bag K9
  • Roll Bag K9
  • Roll Bag K9
  • Roll Bag K9
  • Roll Bag K9

Roll Bag K9

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Product dimensions:

Length: 48 cm
Height: 29 cm
Width: 29 cm
Capacity: ~ 32 L

Model: C
Aluminium: -
Lock: -
Model of pockets: -


Roll Bag K9

The roll bag without pockets was made of cowhide leather 2.0 mm thick, additionally reinforced with 2 mm thick plastic, thanks to which it doesn't deform under the influence of weight. There are belt loops on the rear wall and the bottom of the case for attaching it to the motorcycle.
The product is available in 3 versions:
  • - smooth - without rivets
  • - with rivets
  • C - with rivets and fringes

The set includes the set of assembly materials You have a set for assembly - 3 long strips and 2 short straps.
You can buy a pair of pockets - the price depends on the model.

The formation of the so-called "bubbles" filled with air, formed under the influence of weather conditions, do not constitute grounds for complaint about leather articles!

As a manufacturer, we take into account all our disadvantages.