Protective apron F5
  • Protective apron F5
  • Protective apron F5
  • Protective apron F5

Protective apron F5

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Length: 120 cm
Width: 61 cm



Protective apron F5

The apron is made of covered cowhide - splits 1.6 - 1.9 mm thick. Thermal resistance and high resistance to splashes of molten metal due to the quality of the skin, the apron meets the standards of protective clothing. Front eather apron put on the neck with a buckle at the back.
We are a manufacturing company, therefore it is possible to make each protective apron under dimension, at any customer's request. Apron may differ in the structure of the skin, but in the majority are as in the picture. Adjustments (stripes) of the apron can be longer to measure.
EN 340
The standard contains the basic requirements for protective clothing, defined as clothing covering or replacing personal garments, designed to protect.

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